Vida Mockienė


One of the distinctive parameters of an aging population is the increasing incidence of urinary incontinence. We analyzed nursing
of the enuretic patients of old age. In order to analyze the nursing of the enuretic patients of old age, the qualitative content analysis
was used, and the structured interview in the survey was conducted. The study was contingent of 10 nurses who took care of the old age patients who do not hold urine, in internal medicine and rehabilitation departments. The study showed that the old age patients often has urinary incontinence and nurses is the foundation of many environmental changes. Reasons for enuresis of the patients of old age are such as adjacent diseases and physical restriction, by the way, in terms of nurses, the women have urinary incontinence more often than that of men. An enuretic patient of old age nursing is a physical and psychological and physical care is not possible without the support of many tools that facilitate the care of these patients. The nurses tell that they would give the patients of old age the preventive advices improving their quality of life. The results showed that many aspects of urinary incontinence is a definite factor, adversely affect old patients’ health status and problems associated with this specific medicine. It is therefore very important to further explore this issue in order to qualitatively evaluate the effectiveness of care.

Keyword(s): old age patients, urinary incontinence, nursing
DOI: 10.5200/233
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