Andrius Macas, Linas Pieteris, Astra Vitkauskienė, Dalia Adukauskienė, Giedrė Bakšytė, Dominykas Dvylys, Vitalijus Istigečevas, Tadas Česnaitis


Early diagnosis is key in successful treatment of sepsis. However, establishing prognosis of sepsis as well as effectiveness of treatment is equally important. The growth in sepsis cases was observed in the last years. Thats why it is important to develop a new reliable and quickly measurable marker for diagnosing and prognosing sepsis. In this review we evaluated the new marker of sepsis – Presepsin and compared it to other popular markers such as Procalcitonin (PCT), C reactive protein (CRP) and Interleukine – 6 (IL-6) used in diagnosing sepsis. We compared their specificity, according sensitivity and prognostic value. Conclusions – in the reviewed studies we noticed, that among most common markers used in diagnosing sepsis, Presepsin has the best diagnostic and prognostic value. In order to confirm Presepsin‘s usefulness in diagnosing sepsis more clinincal trials have to be made and their results should be evaluated. Nevertheless, according to the preliminary results, Presepsin should find it‘s place among the practitioners as one of the most reliable prognostic markers.


Keyword(s): presepsin; sCD14; sepsis diagnosis; sepsis prognosis; CRP; PCT; IL-6
DOI: 10.5200/315
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