Asta Varaškevičienė, Ernesta Urbutytė


The purpose of this article is to reveal the peculiarities of mouth hygienists work in different countries – Lithuania and Finland. There were 424 licensed mouth hygienists who participated in the research (191 participants from Lithuania and 233 participants from Finland). The results of the research have shown differences and similarities between mouth hygienist practices in mentioned countries. Mouth hygienists are independently working professionals who practice according to the basis of regulations both in Lithuania and Finland. The practice of mouth hygienist covers the professional service of mouth hygiene procedures, implementation of prevention programs, participation in scientific researches and projects. The practice of mouth hygienists is oriented in health promotion and support while implementing prevention programs of mouth diseases. The results of the research have shown that the major part of Lithuanian mouth hygienists work in private practice while Finnish mouth hygienists mostly work in the public sector. Finnish mouth hygienists have more patients under 18 years of age and dedicate more time for patient evaluation. Lithuanian mouth hygienists are using air polisher more often in their daily practice while Finnish specialists do not practice such methods. Finnish mouth hygienists have positive opinion on using electric tooth brush while Lithuanian specialists advice on using manual toothbrush for their patients. Finnish mouth hygienists recommend xylitol containing products for every patient while Lithuanian experts refrain from such recommendations.

Keyword(s): oral hygienist’s activity.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2015.088
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