Viktorija Piščalkienė, Milda Gintilienė, Donatas Misiūnas, Vilma Rastenienė, Marita Mattila, Petra Muraus, Mari Kurtti, Helen Kool, Jaana Siik, Regitze Kristensen, Anita Selicka


Physical activity is considered as an important tool for promoting of public health. Studies have shown connections between physical activities and mental and physical health, as it is one of the evaluating factors of community indicators. It is recommended that community sport participation is advocated as a form of leisure time for children and adolescents, in an effort to not only improve physical health in relation to such matters as the obesity crisis, but also to enhance psychological and social health outcomes. One of the project “Villages on Move Baltic” (VOMB) 1.1.2016-31.12.2017 (Number 2016-3715/001-001) objectives is to focus more on Health Enhancing Physical Activity and joy of sports for rural citizen in participating regions.

This article covers the reasons for seeking to increase participation in sport and other physical recreation activities: health and social engagement; lifestyle, everyday attraction and tourism opportunities. “Villages on Move Baltic” project is activating people to give ideas on how to promote everyday physical activity and how to organise their leisure time in rural areas. The collected ideas are developed by means of culture of experimentation. The Project‘s participants have visited village events and have promoted healthy lifestyle. The goal is to activate inhabitants in rural areas to have more movement and more joy of sports. The ideas about the desirable and interesting forms of physical activity among the rural population were gathered within the participation in 40 events of Villages on Move Baltic” project (VOMB). A total number of participants is 2030, which provided 830 ideas related to physical activity in everyday life and in various events.

Conclusions: A great number of ideas about physical activities were collected using verbal and non-verbal methods such as physical activity exercises or games, structured interviews, writing ideas, discussion and drawing. The idea is that competition methods should be applied to specific age and culture groups.

Keyword(s): physical activity, leisure, recreation, project „Villages on Move Baltic“.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2018.011
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