Sigutė Norkienė


Using a modified National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) definition of the metabolic syndrome we examined the frequency of metabolic syndrome (MS) and its relations with risk factors in 150 consecutive patients in Cardiac Arhythmia Department in Klaipeda X hospital. A total of 87 (57.8 percent) individuals met criteria of metabolic syndrome (mean body mass index 32.2 kg/m2, mean waist circumference 110 cm). The metabolic syndrome was found in 62.5% of females and in 37.5% of males, p<0.001. The most common components in both men and women were AH and obesity (93.5% vs. 94.3% and 69.7% vs. 85.1%, respectively). Diabetes mellitus was found in 20.8% of patients with MS and in 2.9% of patients without MS (p<0.05). 45.8% of patients with MS was 66-75 years old. This syndrome was mostly found in married or in living together as partners. It was established that a tendency to overweight and diabetes is genetic. It is very important to correct the factors of a lifestyle in order to reduce the prevalence of risk factors of metabolic syndrome, particularly body weight, which is the most important predictive factor of metabolic syndrome.

Keyword(s): metabolic syndrome, CVD, diabetes, arterial hypertension.
DOI: 10.5200/195
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