Jonas Kairys, Renata Šturienė, Miglė Lamanauskaitė, Valerij Dobrovolskij


The aim of study – to evaluate medical staff knowledge about infection control, to clarify scope of vaccination against hepatitis B and to establish prevalence of sharps injury among medical staff in public institution Šeškinės Clinic. It was carried out medical staff questionnaire survey. The Questionnaire consisted of questions on hand hygiene, disinfection, sterilization, sharps injury and vaccination of hepatitis B. 305 questionnaires were distributed and 251 was collected (response rate 82.3 percent.), the 243 were used in the study. 68.7 percent of respondents have sufficient knowledge of asepsis / antisepsis issues. 33.3 percent of medical staff were injured used needle or other sharp instrument, 28.4 percent of them indicated that they were injured contaminated equipment. The results of the study showed that the chance of sharps injury for general practice nurses 2.03 times higher than for other professionals. 40.7 percent of respondents indicated that they were vaccinated for hepatitis B. Medical staff working in the dental section have 5.62 higher chance to be vaccinated for hepatitis B than medical staff in other divisions.

Keyword(s): medical staff; hepatitis B; sharps injury; infection control; knowledge.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2016.107
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