Audronė Dumčienė, Andrius Vaicekauskas


Research aim was to establish the peculiarities of psycho-emotional well-being and aggression for physically active adolescents. The study deals with psycho-emotional well-being as a complex value consisting of four main components: level of mental health, feeling of coherence, self-control and level of stress. Adolescents were studied in two age groups: 12.81±0.38 years and 16±0.49 years, 90 subjects in each group. The survey was conducted using the following instruments: for adolescents’ mental health, feeling of internal coherence, selfcontrol and stress level as well as aggression. χ2 and t-test were applied to verify hypotheses of Mathematical Statistics. The research findings revealed that adolescents engaged in sports for more years statistically significantly (p<0.05) differed from their counterparts in all investigated parameters. All indices of psycho-emotional well-being for adolescents engaged in sports for more years were better compared to those of beginner athletes, besides, their aggression decreased.

Keyword(s): psycho-emotional well-being; sport; adolescents; mental health; feeling of coherence; self-control; level of stress; aggression
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2013.037
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