Vytautas Rauba, Viktorija Ežerskienė


Results: 2003-97 and 2013-122 small for gestational agenewborns were born in Klaipėda university hospitai. From allresearched very small for gestational age newborns 70 percentwere found to be sick. Common problems: polycythaemia,hypoglycaemia, hypoxia, intrauterine infections, genetics andcongenifal malformations .Conclusions: IUGR serious problems. It is an obvious lack ofobstetrician and gynecologist attention to this problem to improvebetter diagnostic.

Keyword(s): intrauterine growth retardation, diagnostic the conse-quences to the health of newborns
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2014.096
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