Rasa Zakarienė


The article introduces the nursing teams‘cohesion assumption and driving force as one of the key challenges to ensure successful management, competitiveness and continuous improvement. Team Trust Scale (which was translated from english and adjusted for this work) was selected to evaluate nursing teams‘cohesion, During the research, nurses working in hospital departements were interviewed and the result showed that mutual trust is a factor affecting nurses‘working team efficiency ad cohesion and it also helps to ensure quality care services. The empirical results of the study showed that nurses rely on their team members, are helping one another, keeps his word, constantly discusses mistakes, are aware of their roles and functions, take part in decision making process, share responsibility and are confident that their team works efficiently and focused as this can be seen on patients‘responses. Reached results in nursing teams‘work inspires satisfaction, forms positive self-assesment, which determines confidence in team members and operational cohesion.

Keyword(s): nursing teams‘; cohesion; influence of trust.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2015.076
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