Lolita Rapolienė


Geothermal resources in the world, such as hot springs or geothermal water take an important role in the health and wellness sectors. The therapeutic effect of mineral water and peloids depends on chemical, thermal, mechanical, immunological component, as well as the psychological impact on the human body. Study objective: to evaluate the impact of high salinity geothermal water and sapropel for reinforcing quality of life. Methods. Research was made in Feb-Jun 2015. 103 (mean age 39 years) participants were divided into five groups and each group has got 10-15 different balneotherapy procedures daily five times a week with 27,6 g/l salinity geothermal water or/and sapropel for 15-40 min. Outcomes measure: the Short Form (36) Health Survey. The statistical analysis of the data was performed by using the SPSS20 software package. Results: after the course of procedures the physical functioning was improved in sapropel baths group (p=0,041); energy domain- in 15 min geothermal baths (p=0,009), geothermal baths and sapropel application group (p=0,004) and sapropel wraps group(p=0,015); social functioning- in sapropel wraps group (p=0,05); emotional well-being- in geothermal bath and sapropel application group (p=0,019); general health- in 20 min geothermal baths group (p=0,05). The positive geothermal bath effect lasts up to 4 month after procedures (p=0,035). Conclusion: Geothermal water and sapropel treatment, either together or separately significantly improves overall health, functional status and vitality.

Keyword(s): geothermal water; sapropel; quality of life.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2015.105
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