Rūta Rastenienė, Alina Pūrienė, Jolanta Aleksejūnienė


Despite achievements in Lithuanian health care system and good accessibility to medical service, life threatening infections of odontogenic origin are still prevalent in Lithuania. Aim of the study: To analyse the prevalence of odontogenic maxillofacial infections and to examine distribution of treatment facilities accepting patients with acute odontogenic infections in Lithuania. Methods: A five-year (2009-2013) retrospective study included information about all patients treated in outpatient (N=482) or inpatient (N=61) treatment facilities in Lithuania, Adjusted Inci- dence Ratios of acute odontogenic maxillofacial infections were calculated separately for each type of infection and for each year, and each type of treatment facility. Results: High annual incidence of acute odontogenic maxillofacial infections, i.e. ~1% of a total population was diagnosed.

Keyword(s): Odontogenic infections; distribution; incidence
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2015.038
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