Aista Plieskienė


Radiation-assotiated heart disease has been associated with dose and increasing volume of irradiation. Acute and late radiation-induced heart disease are pericarditis, pancarditis, cardiomiopathy, ischemic heart disease, congestive heart failure. Individual cardiovascular risk increases with personal or familial history of cardiac disease, age, smoking, hypertension, abnormality in the lipidic profile, diabetes.Current concepts of three-dimensional, computed tomografy-based treatment planning routinely use of set-up verifications allows individualized planning adapted to individual anatomy, can provide field-shaping capabilities to minimizing critical normal tissue exposure and optimizing the delivery of radiation therapy. Modern radiotherapy modalities like tomotherapy and multifield intensity- modulated radiotherapy planning, gating techniques reduce carddiac doses in left-sided breast cancer patients with unfavourable cardiac anatomy.

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Keyword(s): Radiation-associated heart disease; coronary artery stenosis;pericarditis
DOI: 10.5200/333
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