Algirdas Juozulynas



The international CHANGE project model was based on the intervention ideas of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP). The main idea of this program and our project (which was implemented in five different European countries Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Austria and Poland) was to provide elderly more knowledge, new skills and keep them physical active as long as possible, prolong life expectancy and working lives. This means that using the concepts of training (teaching) strategy to produce a more integrated society where older people would be included into socio-economic development. The model is a non-formal education system that focuses on two main aspects: physical activity and nutrition. Both of these aspects are to ensure a better quality of life, good and lasting health and to reduce cost of public health.

Having analysis and comparison between two surveys it was found that among elderly people from Lithuania, Poland and Italy increased consumption of the vegetables and legume products (every day or almost every day these foodstuff consumed 58%, in the first survey only 34%) and fresh fruit and juice (every day or almost every day in the first survey these products used 44%, in the second – 61%), also was found that respondents from Lithuania, Austria and Italy after education about healthy life style began to use more walking. Mutual frequency distribution of walking (walking every day or almost every day) between the partnership countries increased from 64% up to 75%.

The main goal is – pursuance of international CHANGE project to analyze health resources of older people from the five European countries and the efforts to improve them.

Keyword(s): Nutrition, physical activity, quality of life, health resources, older people.
DOI: 10.5200/13
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