Gintarė Taulavičiūtė, Karina Česaitytė, Augustinas Jokšas, Anna Serapinienė, Danielius Serapinas


Recurrent miscarriage is a disease distinct from infertility, defined by three or more consecutive pregnancy losses. There are a lot of causes which can be related with repetitive pregnancy losses. Miscarriages is a serious medical condition which affects about 15-20% of couples trying to get pregnant. Most of them (about 50%) are unknown and genetic factors compose 1-5% causes of repetitive miscarriages. For this reason it is important to find out genetic causes of recurrent spontaneous abortions. In this review we will analyze several cases including cytogenetic abnormalities and polymorphisms of genes.

Keyword(s): recurrent miscarriage; RSA; genetic polymorphisms.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2016.059
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