Pavel Korabliov, Joana Tamkevičiūtė


More than 50 years ago human allergy was not particularly relevant. New allergy diagnostic methods were discovered starting from skin tests ending with lung function tests. Many of methods were expensive, special complicated procedures, special devices were needed and us a result diagnosis taked a lot of time. Allergy all over the world is geometrically fast spreading desease, diagnostic procedures are old and some times not sensitive. There are so many patients and lack of time to diagnose their illness so alergy diagnostics must be changed. Our blood clotting time dependent method was made and can be used as alternative to of skin thrust (most common in Lithuania) and other methods. Described Express allergy diagnostics by test of blood coagulation method has 88% correlation with other allergy diagnostics tests. Our method gives information about patients sensibilization level almost immediately, procedure takes up to 15 min. to find allergen and patients dependence level. Furthermore, it’s very cheap and easy to use. Test doesnt require special education from Tester. Finally this method can’t give any complications to medicine dependent and other allergenic patients.


Keyword(s): allergy, allergy diagnostics, blood coagulation
DOI: 10.5200/310
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