Oleg Borysenko, Viktoras Pivrikas


The article analyses the results of experimental substantiation of the choice of the surgical method of treatment of chronic suppurative otitis media followed by discussion of factors influencing the passing of sound into the middle ear. There was carried an acoustic experiment on five isolated blocks of human temporal bones. The results of the performed studies indicated that pneumatic system of mastoid process and the extertnal auditory meatus play a significan role in the process of sound transmitting. The second part of the article describes ten years of practical ecperience, the reasons and special characteristics of functional middle ear reconstruction surgeries in the cases of 47 patients. There are provided detailed individual characteristics of the observation and treatment of the patients recovering after repeated functional middle ear reconstruction surgeries.

Article in Russian


Keyword(s): the choice of treatment method of chronic suppurative otitis; tympanoplastics; mastoidectomy; mastoidoplastics; functional middle
DOI: 10.5200/330
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