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Renall- cell  carcinoma is the most common cancer of the kidney. Every year about 120000 new kidney cancer cases are diagnosed, in Lithuania 600-700 new cases. Sunitinib is a novel multi-tyrosine kinase inhibitor. In Klaipėda university hospital were treated 47 patients with sunitinib malate. Our data  was  compared to historic treatment with  interferon alfa . Sunitinib treatment was asssociated with a higher objective response rate. Health- related quality of life was significantly better. Only  a few patiens had progressive disease, so we can not represent objective data of progression free survival yet.

Keyword(s): imotherapy, ECOG (East Cooperative Oncology Group), renall-cell carcinoma, TKI (tyrosine kinaze inhibitors).
DOI: 10.5200/104
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