Darius Kurlys


In Palanga rehabilitation hospital I work as physical medicine and rehabilitation physician for 13 years. Sometimes I have to manage rehabilitation after pubic fractures too. It isn’t very common pathology in medical rehabilitation in Lithuania. Here we use two different tactics while healing a patient until rehabilitation: conservative treatment and by making osteosynthesis.
After rehabilitation, there had been made an assumption, that non-operated patients’ rehabilitation results were worse than operated patients’. To make discussions between Lithuanian medical societies, there was given seven patients’ medical records and rehabilitation results. In the paper there is not a statistical research, instead of that rehabilitation results summary was given.
In those summaries there are big differences about anatomical structures of pelvis, level of pain, independence in every day living and working capacity. Patients who had been treated in operation way has better all of those parameters.

Keyword(s): pubic bone fractures; ortopaedic rehabilitation
DOI: 10.5200/4
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