Darius Gerulaitis, Benas Gudinavičius, Margarita Jurevičienė, Liuda Radzevičienė, Ingrida Baranauskienė


The paper analyzes the function of disability NGOs and people with disabilities work in order to meet the expectations of health care.

Place of residence, duration of their participation in the activities of NGOs and the status of NGO concerns. The study included 175 respondents.

It was found that persons with disabilities would like to see health promotion activities, which focus on disease prevention, medical assistance and social aspects of education. At least there is a lack of aid consulting. Survey data revealed that the longer people with disabilities participate in NGO activities, the greater the need arises to expand the functions of NGO health education and social fields. Collaboration with medical institutions emerged as one of the significant operational issues that people are missing. Health and social education function of the NGO carried out the least. Respondents indicated that the priorities of prediction, the general debate, the adoption of one or other of the health activities related to activities in the future should be given more attention.

Keyword(s): activities, functions of NGOs of persons with disabilities, health promotion
DOI: 10.5200/8
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