Gintautas Virketis



Insufficience of renal function is polyethiological clinical sindrom, manifesting as the failure of renal functions. Lithuania has no one  epidemiological register of nefrological diseases. It is proximatelly known, that 300-350  in 1 mlj of inhabitans are on dialysis for chronical renal insufficience.  Every year, new 150 patients needs in dialysis procedure.  But one of the most complicated pathologies, leading to the urgent dialysis procedure, is acute renal function failure (ARFF). Mortality among this group of patients in our intensive care unit reaches 86%. This investigation enabled to evaluate, how analysed diagnostic parameters influenced disease prognosis and how reliable they were. Diagnostic parameters are very valuable in the prognosis of patient survivorship, that’s why it is  very important  to indicate factors , directly or indirectly influencing their changes.

Keyword(s): renal insufficience, hemodialysis, intensive care unit-RITS.
DOI: 10.5200/107
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