Marta Wiszniowska-Majchrzyk


Love and death – these two opposite and seemingly separate poles are interwoven though unequally acknowledged in different societies – from predominance to expulsion and marginalization. The paper reviews their unequal roles in psychology, art, modern culture and consumer society, beginning with Epicurian philosophy, through Darwinian theory of evolution, Freudian drives and fundamental principles, holistic conceptions of Antoni Kępinski to postmodernistic ephemeral and fragmented life, atomization of society, turnover of medical, funeral and sexual services, as presented by Zygmunt Bauman, Jean Baudillard, and Rollo May. Paintings by M.K.Ciurlionis and J.Malczewski on birth and death are commented.


Keyword(s): drives, love, death, social control, art, consumerism, services business, autodestruction, assisted suicide, postmodernistic society
DOI: 10.5200/279
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