Vytautas Bilius, Kristina Steponėnaitė-Janovičienė, Vytis Kazlauskas, Augustina Jankauskienė


Objective. To assess early surgical complications after renal transplantation in children treated in Pediatric Department of Children’s Hospital, the Affiliate of Vilnius University Hospital Santariskiu Klinikos after renal transplantation and determine their time of origin, symptoms and to compare the result with global literature data.
Materials and methods. We retrospectively analyzed 38 children’s after 42 kidney transplantation case histories and searched for early surgical complications during first 3 month after renal transplantation. We searched for kidney vascular thrombosis, urine leak, ureteral stenosis, lymphocele, wound infection and renal artery stenosis. Patients’ age, time, when complication developed , signs, treatment and outcome results were assessed.
Results. Kidney vascular thrombosis was found in 3 cases (7.3%), hydronephrosis due to ureteral stenosis in 4 cases (9.8%), 3 of them treated conservative, and 1 – by internal stent, wound infection in 2 cases (4.9%), and renal artery stenosis in 1 case (2.4%). In all cases after renal vascular trombosis the transplant was lost.
Conclusion. The frequency of surgical complications after renal transplantation in children is less than refers medical literature, but this may be due to small number of transplantations. Nevertheless, surgical complications remain a major cause of graft loss in children‘s kidney transplantation in the early period after transplantation.

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Keyword(s): children; renal transplantation; early surgical complications
DOI: 10.5200/383
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