Gintaras Janužis, Saulius Andruškevičius, Viltė Medzevičiūtė


Purpose. To evaluate age, sex, comorbidities and duration of the disease bond with maxillofacial infections of odontogenic origin. Methodology. A retrospective data analysis of 60 cases was conducted. Patients were selected according to the surgery due to the cellulite and abscess of the mouth (TLK – 10 K12.2), number of surgeries (n ≥ 2) and the development of severe complications in the course of treatment: sepsis, septic shock, mediastinitis, meningitis and death. Age, sex, comorbidities, the formation of pus/exudate abscess and duration of the disease bond with complications of maxillofacial infections of odontogenic origin. Statistical data was performed by using SPSS 23.0 Medcalc 17.4.4 and Microsoft Excel 2013 programs. Results. Difficult complications occurred for 24 (40.0 %) patients: 13 (54.2 %) sepsis, 9 (37.0 %) septic shock, 15 (62.5 %) mediastinitis, 1 (4.2 %) of meningitis. Mortality was 16.7 %. An influence of age, comorbidities, the formation of pus/ exudate abscess and duration of the disease to the development of complications was established (p < 0,05). Estimated critical value of the duration of disease, which predicts the development of the complications, was 76 hours. Conclusions. Elderly age, comorbidities and developed pus/exudate abscess increase the risk of severe complications. The development of complications is increased by delayed hospital admission, diagnostics and treatment. Disease period of more than 3 days leads to severe complications for threequarters of the patients.

Keyword(s): cellulite; odontogenic infections; maxillofacial infections.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2017.044
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