Jolanta Juozapavičienė, Albinas Grūnovas, Eugenijus Trinkūnas, Vaiva Vaikšnorienė, Žaneta Mickienė


The skin – the largest and most important organ of our body, providing protection against external impacts and maintain the required body fluid balance. The skin is aging along with the rest of the organism. Aging skin is often corrected in various ways such as massages, various peelings, injection and other procedures. The aim of the research: to evaluate the classical massage and electrical stimulation effects for mature skin. Our experiment was conducted on 6 women between the ages 40-50. All of the test subjects were divided into two groups of 3 each. Each group had a different massage performed on them. First group had a classic face massage performed, whilst the other group had a tissue healing electrical stimulation performed on them. The test subject skin condition was evaluated with a „Skin Analyser Soft plus“ device, oxygen uptake in the tissue and blood flow were registered in a non-invasive way with a near-infrared spectroscopy. After different skin stimulations – electrical and classic facial massage: subjects that had a cosmetic facial massage performed, showed skin moisture improvements in the U-area, facial fat content had increased in all patients. Wrinkle depth in every patient’s forehead area decreased and their width increased. Width and depth of the wrinkles in the eye zone remained unchanged, whilst the width of this zone had increased. Arterial tissue blood flow after the massage treatment significantly improved only for one subject. Electrical stimulation significantly increased facial tissue blood flow for all patients. A classic facial massage significantly improved oxygen uptake only for one subject. The evaluation of oxygen uptake alternation under electrical stimulation showed significantly reduced oxygen uptake for two subjects.

Keyword(s): electrical stimulation; mature skin; classic facial massage.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2015.102
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