Sigita Burokienė, Juozas Raistenskis, Marius Strička, Vytautas Usonis


Over the past decade for Emergency Department (ED) service volumes increased significantly in many countries around the world. The main point of research was to evaluate the ED volumes of services for children in 2001 – 2010, according to the provided aid and patient‘s age in Lithuanian health care institutions, which provide inpatient services for children, under contract with National Health Insurance Fund. Data used from National Health Insurance Fund and Statistics Department of Lithuania. Statistical analysis of data reaveled, that during the decade, the number of children in outpatients visits in ED per 100 children increased by 2,5 fold (from 9,4 to 22,4). For most children outpatient services were provide as emergency medical service (83,6 – 86,9 %) without doctors prescription (82,1 – 88,9 %). Consumption of hospital services in ED increased per 100 appropriate children ages in all age groups. Calculated Spearman‘s correlation coefficient shows strong, statitically significant correlation between the number of visits to patients‘ age (ῥ=-0,819, p<0,05) – the largest consuption of outpatient service in ED is in youngest age groups (up to 1 year and from 1 to 2 years). The index of hospital ED services consumption increased per 100-children of appropriate age in all Lithuania’s counties.


Keyword(s): Emergency Department; emergency medical service; services for children; district
DOI: 10.5200/292
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