Danielius Serapinas


Miscarriage and induced abortion are life events thatcan potentially cause mental distress. The objective of this study was literature review and to performcase study to determine whether there are any differencesin the patterns of psychological symptomsafter these two events and to point the importance of informed consent. In our study 20 women who experienced miscarriages and 20 women who underwent induced abortions were interviewed in Vilnius out patients clinics. We found that women who had pregnancy termination had more mental distress than women who experienced a miscarriage (guilty, anxiety, anger, episodes of crying etc). Women under going abortion had significantly more conflicts in their partnerships. Separation occurred in about one-quarter of all couples. In conclusion women who had undergone an abortion exhibited higher frequencyof psychological symptoms than after miscarriage. Although an answer to the causal question is not readily discerned based on the data available, as moreprospective studies with numerous controls arebeing published, indirect evidence for a causal connectionis beginning to emerge. So we may consider that it is necessary still before induced abortion procedure to inform the couples about an increasing possibility of mental distress.

Keyword(s): pregnancy; psychological state; prevention
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2015.021
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