Daiva Mockevičienė, Tatjana Bakanovienė, Agnė Savenkovienė, Jūra Vladas Vaitkevičius, Lina Miliūnienė


Scientific research show that contemporary society consists of an increasing number of persons complaining about back pains. According to recent data, even 80 per cent of persons have experienced severe back pains at least once throughout their lives. Therefore, research works allowing indication of the causes for back pains as well as finding the techniques of coping with them are highly relevant; these causes are usually of a complex character, depending on many factors. The article presents the diagnostic assessment of the isometric muscle force balance based on the research results by applying the diagnostic testing centre Dr. Wolff “Back-Check”. Results of the research carried out allow noticing that weakness of waist muscles’ force can be an important cause for back pains to occur. Assessments of the balance of separate muscles in the majority of the investigated who had complaints about back pains are distributed from very bad to satisfactory. This allows us stating that lower back pains are felt when waist muscles are weak and, therefore, the isometric muscle force decreases and the imbalance in separate muscle groups becomes more emphasised.

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Keyword(s): isometric muscle force; back pains; diagnostic testing centre Dr Wolff “Back-Check
DOI: 10.5200/335
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