Vaiva Martinkienė, Algirdas Dembinskas, Arūnas Germanavičius


Filicide is always as dramatically cruel act and is common opinion that it can be committed only by mentally ill person. All women, who committed neonaticide, undergoes forensic psychiatry examination in Lithuanian Forensic psychiatry service. During the period from 1994-2014 there were forensic psychiatry examinations were made to women, who committed neonaticide. Only a small part 18,6% (N=11) оf them was recognized as irresponsible for crime or has had diminished responsibility. The main diagnosis in cases responsible for neonaticide were personality disordiers 35,6% (N=21). Data analysis showed, that most of women were unmarried, already have children before the crime, used active methods of neonaticide and the „unwanted child” idea was the main motive of the crime they committed. According data from this analysis the prevention measures are offered to diminish the neonaticide cases in Lithuania in the future.

Keyword(s): filicide; neonaticide; forensic psychiatry examination.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2015.096
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