Ritoldas Šukys


Research on Lithuanian construction sector showed that during 2005-2010, were suffered economical and social losses (consequences) for constructional enterprises, which caused occupational diseases due to non-compliance with requirements for personnel safety and health. Were established social assistance benefits, as non-produced gross domestic product, damages for loss of working capacity and period until retirement and social consequences for occupational diseases. The conducted scientific analysis estimates economic consequences for occupational diseases, indicates the economic benefits of investment for occupational safety and health and presents results of research, findings and recommendations. This would allow to reduce occupational diseases and herewith to avoid economic and social consequences  for state and construction enterprises. In order to achieve the objective were used (were considered) statistical-analytical as well as mathematical modelling methods.

Keyword(s): Occupational diseases, economical losses, social consequences, economic benefits, construction sector.
DOI: 10.5200/135
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