Danielius Serapinas


Alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) is the main circulating serine proteinase inhibitor. A number of studies suggest that AAT can also exhibit biological activity independent of inhibition of serine proteases. The aim of the study was to make experimental investigation of AAT influence on monocytes stimulated by bacterial endotoxyn . AAT affects monocyte responses to LPS by regulating soluble CD14 release. Here we show that a short-term monocyte exposure to AAT leads to an increase of CD14 levels (p<0.05). In parallel, a short-term cell exposure to AAT significantly enhances TNFα release. However, AAT was found to have a dual effect on LPS-induced TNFα release. Probably a rapid increase in AAT concentrations during various inflammatory and infectious conditions may enhance the magnitude of monocyte responses to endotoxin and subsequently accelerate resolution of the inflammatory reaction.

Keyword(s): alpha-1 antitrypsin; regulation; monocytes
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2015.027
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