Danius Liutkus, Arnas Staškevičius


Acute subdural hematoma is a rare complication caused byruptured arterial aneurysm but with bad outcome when it happens.Usually patient’s neurological status on admission is poor andpatients are unconscious. And the real cause of illness might bemislead by the visual symptoms of head trauma. Rapid surgicaltreatment of the hematoma and decompresion of the brain is lifesaving. However, combination of subdural hematoma removaland aneurysm obliteration in same surgical approach, can leadto a favorable outcome. Patients presenting with acute subduralhematoma and subarahnoidal hemorrhage in computed tomographyscan (CT) and with no clear history of trauma, should undergocomputed tomography angiography (CTA). It is first choise too forunstable patients, because it can be done fast and it’s not invasivediagnostic method. If CTA in negative for bleeding source, digitalsubtraction angiography (DSA) can be done when patient ishemodynamically stable.

Keyword(s): acute subdural hematoma, cerebral aneurysm rupture, spontaneus subarachnoid hemorrhage
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2014.100
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