Kazys Algirdas Kaminskas, Aleksandras Jagniatinskis


Noise in industry is a big problem that affects occupational accidents and diseases. Noise analysis and a detailed assessment in the industry rather is complicated, expensive job that requires diligence and expertise. In this paper, experimental study was carry out to clarify the level of noise exposure evaluation from the sound pressure level and duration of exposure, depending on the distribution of plant staff functions. For noise level measurements have been used of class 1 sound level meter Larson – David LD-824 with the free-field microphone G.R.A.S. AF 40 with amplifier 26 AK. Noise level in each area was determined by multiple measurements. Working day exposure level (LEX,8h) was obtained as follows, first, evaluating the average of energetic sound pressure level ((Lp,AeqT,m), then was performed assessment of sound pressure level contribution for each task period to the overall exposure level (LEX,8h,m). It was found that the minimum level of noise exposure for the employee in this plant is 79 dB(A), maximum of 87 dB(A). The examination of sound exposure level for each employee allowed reduction the noise impact by work organization.


Keyword(s): working environment; noise; value of exposure level; weighted sound pressure level
DOI: 10.5200/301
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