Elena Asiryn, Pavel Novikov, Volha Matsiushchanka, Laimutė Vaidelienė, Goda Misevičiūtė, Lukas Vaidelys


The aim of the research was to study the phenotype of eosinophils in children with atopic bronchial asthma and their role as diagnostic criteria of the disease. Materials and methods. We have examined 130 children aged from 6 to 18 years old with atopic bronchial asthma. The control group consisted of 40 healthy children from 6 to 18 years old, who didn’t have allergic diseases. During the research the relative and absolute levels of eosinophils, the level of eosinophils carrying FcεRI and FcεRII (CD23) – receptors were established.

Results. The relative level of eosinophils in asthmatic children was 6.00% [3.00; 8.00], the absolute level – 417.00 cells/μL [232.00; 636,00], which is significantly higher compared to control group, where the relative level was 2.50% [1.00; 3.00%] and the absolute level was 166.50 cells/μl [86.00; 213.00] (p<0.001). The level of eosinophils carrying the FcεRI receptor was 420,00 cells/μl [250,00; 660,00], which is significantly higher than in the control group – 200,00 cells/μl [140,00; 240.00] (p<0.001). The relative level of eosinophils carrying CD23 receptor on their surface was 62.20% [35.40; 76.60] and the absolute level –223.37 cells/μl [105.30; 375.24]. The results are significantly higher than those of the control group: 25.45% [14.30; 30,60] (p<0,001), and 30,88 cells/μl [25,63; 42.84] (p <0.0001) respectively. It was found in the ROC-analysis that there is high evidence of presence of atopic bronchial asthma if absolute levels of eosinophils carrying CD23 receptor was 73.008 cells/μl or more or the relative index – 35.10% and more.
Conclusions. The relative and absolute levels of eosinophils, as well as eosinophils carrying FcεRI and CD23 receptors are statistically significantly higher in atopic bronchial asthma than in control group patients. Increased number or relative index (73.008 cells/μl or ≥ 35.10% respectively) of eosinophils carrying CD 23 receptors can be considered as a diagnostic criterion of atopic bronchial asthma.

Raktiniai žodžiai: bronchial asthma, children, eosinophils, receptors.
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