Saulius Žukauskas, Algirdas Puišys, Paulius Andrijauskas, Linas Zaleckas, Tomas Linkevičius


Stability of crestal bone around dental implants is a major concern for oral surgeons and dentists. It is a key factor for success of dental implant treatment. Crestal bone is more prevented from resorption when surrounding tissues are thicker.

Aim of the study – to find out the mean of crestal bone loss around supracrestally placed dental implants with matching platform in vertically thick soft tissues. The final patient sample included 34 patients (17 female and 17 male), who received 34 two piece dental implants in total. All 34 implants integrated successfully as evaluation under implant success criteria was applied. Implants were restored by single-unit crowns, using metal-ceramic prostheses. After 1 year thick soft tissues maintain stable crestal bone around dental implants in lower jaw. Minor bone resorption of 0.28 ± 0.36 mm mm could be seen during early bone remodelling phase.

Raktiniai žodžiai: gingival thickness, dental implant, crestal bone stability.
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