Narimantas Evaldas Samalavičius, Vitalija Nutautienė, Miglė Kibrancienė, Vitalijus Eismontas, Giedrius Kuprys, Vaidotas Turskis, Algirdas Šlepavičius


Fecal incontinence after surgeries for anal atresia is not rare. One of the possible treatment alternatives – adynamic graciloplasty. We present a case of an adult patient to whom adynamic gracyloplasty was performed for fecal incontinence after single attempt of sphincter repair in childhood. There was a symp­tomatic improvement postoperatively, as confirmed by Wexner and FISI index. Adynamic graciloplasty could be more often used as a treatment option of fecal incontinence in adult patients with history of anal atresia.

Raktiniai žodžiai: fecal incontinence, gracilis muscle, graciloplasty.
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