Jolita Kirvaitienė, Žaneta Maželienė, Albina Vaičiulevičienė


Each year about 1800 new cases of skin malignancy are diagnosed in Lithuania. In 2011 year 351 cases of melanoma were recorded including 230 women. Other skin malignancies – 2484 cases with prevalence trend are more common among older people – women more often than men. Reasons leading to the development of malignant tumors of the skin are ultraviolet (UV) radiation effects on the skin, and certain human skin pigment type. Irresponsible behavior trying to get sunburnt in youth can respond consequences later in life due to radiation doses which accumulate over a lifetime. Research has shown that young people’s knowledge about health effects of ultraviolet radiation forms a safe sun behavior, so the aim of our study is to assess Kaunas University of Applied Sciences of Medical faculty girlsʼ sunbathing habits and protective measures against natural ultraviolet radiation. Questionnaire survey includes 562 Kaunas University of Applied Sciences students of Medical Faculty. The analysis of the survey data showed that the most frequent cause of girls tanning is associated with image: girls think that tanned skin looks trendy, beautiful, young, attractive, sexy, they are ashamed of white color in summer. Girls with more sensitive skin complained more frequent burns with redness / blistering. Protection against ultraviolet radiation means with UV filters were used by slightly more than half of the respondents. Three-quarters of the girls were trying to wear light-concealing clothes, wearing hats, staying in the shade. Most of the girls say that dark sunglasses is reliable protection to eyes, but only half of the respondents often buy eyeglasses in specialized stores.

Keyword(s): ultraviolet radiation; tanning behaviour; knowledge.
DOI: 10.5200/sm-hs.2015.084
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